I’ll Miss You Guys! Goodbyes, and More Official Hellos

Over this last year, I’ve watched Shapeways evolve in some breathtaking ways. From a team of 6 to now 25 in NY, a total of near 50 between our two offices, and a global network of shop owners, designers, and distributed local communities, Shapeways has flourished (to say the least). I’ve been able to watch our platform become a force in people’s lives in all sorts of amazing ways.

So it’s with more than a little sadness that I share that I’m wrapping up my time here over the next few weeks. I’ll be taking on a new challenge and tapping into another passion of mine, leading community efforts in the world of open source software development at  Nodejitsu. Without a doubt, saying goodbye to the Shapeways community is incredibly hard. You guys are a tribute to what happens when a powerhouse of creativity is married with good people who are looking to help each other out. The goodwill and the generosity I’ve seen amongst this group has been eye opening. More than any community in the world, you all are pioneering 3D printing beyond flashy, cool tech and into something that matters in our lives. You all made me feel at home and I can’t understate what a positive impact you’ve had on my life and my career.

To help fill in the gaps, we’re really excited to announce that Mike Williams is going to be stepping up as a forums moderator in a more official capacity as part of the Shapeways team. In addition, Carine is going to be getting a bit more involved in the interim, and I’m involved in the process of finding someone to (*sniff*) replace me on the ground in NY. 

Which leads me to my final bit of info. The job opening for Shapeways Community Manager is now live, and the hunt is on. If any of you feel like you’re the right person to take on this GINORMOUS challenge, bring it! 
In the future, I look forward to seeing you guys at various events and meetups, and will definitely stay on the radar as things evolve. It’s safe to say you haven’t seen the last of me. And If you want to reach me outside of the Shapeways-verse, you can catch me on Twitter, or on my personal blog.
Thanks for making my time here so special.
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