Shapeways Visit to Pratt Industrial Design Students

As part of the Shapeways Educational Program we paid a visit to Pratt Design Center to speak to the Industrial Design students about the materials and processes now available through digital fabrication and how it is relevant to their studies.  

The students are already exposed to 3D printing via there in house FDM machine but were blown away by the range and quality of materials that are available via Shapeways.  We also discussed how they can use on demand digital fabrication in an online marketplace to sell their designs and gauge market interest with zero risk and very little financial investment.  How this can help them to develop their own brand and/or give them experience that makes them valuable to potential employers.

A big thanks to Stephen Faletti who is doing a great service to his students in preparing them for the change that is currently underway in the world of product design, where digital tools and digital fabrication go hand in hand with design theory and a deep understanding of traditional hand skills and craftsmanship.

Get in touch if you or your school are interested in participating in the Shapeways Educational Program

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