Shapeways NYC Lab Day : March 23

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Come along to Shapeways NYC Lab Day to talk to the Shapeways team about anything around your 3D printing with Shapeways.

Ask our product team about materials and process

Ask our design team about design for 3D printing

Ask our marketing team about the best way to photograph and promote your designs

Ask our business development team how to make the most of your Shapeways shop 

We will have a whole batch of materials and post processes we have been experimenting with for you to see and touch.

There will also be a photo booth set up to help you understand the
best way to photograph your models, so bring yours along so we can use
your models as examples.

Due to space constraints this event is limited to 25 current Shapeways
users only so please let us know your Shapeways user name when you

RSVP via our Meetup page.

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  1. Duann

    OK, we are fully booked with a waiting list but we will be sure to have more happening is the near future.

    Thanks to all who booked in, we are really looking forward to catching up to you all.

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