I bought a 6 foot green dolphin at Dutch Design Week and my mother and girlfriend think I’m crazy

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So, I was at Dutch Design Week and I’m looking around and thinking about all the awesome stuff there: the design-y chairs, pretty frames, beautiful book cases etc. And out of all those things I fall in love with one item. This item is a six foot bright green foam filled dolphin made by Geboren im Wald.   

After the design week was over I bought it. It is cuddly, soft and you can lie on it and I just think its a lot of fun. I do admit that it was a bit of an impulse buy and that it is not a very standard furntiture item.The net result is that I now have a unique design item and that my mom and girlfriend think I’m nuts.

Apart from the whacky and loveable appearance of the thing I really enjoy the concept of it. It is an indoor version of a common inflatable pool toy. Another piece by Geboren im Wald is “the island”(pictured below) which you might recognize as resembling quite closely the largest of these toys. So the deisgner took something standard and cheap that is for the outdoor use by playing children and turned it into something made for living rooms and grownups. Although some feel, incorrectly, that this purchase disqualifies me from belonging to this category.   

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  1. Jens

    Hi Joris,
    thanks your euphoric critics. I hope the dolphin loves his new home.
    Ciao Jens

  2. Rob Mack

    Best thread title ever…

    I can see the attraction Joris… it’s a stunning piece and I’m more than a little envious.

    I can also see why your loved ones would get a laugh out of it. lol… I get ribbed for not quite conforming to ‘grown up’ standards regularly

    1. joris peels


      thanx dude. maybe we should start up a support group or something?


    2. Martijn

      The fact that you’re crazy is totally unlinked from this purchase ;)

    3. Joris Peels

      Its nice to have friends!

    4. Ethan Parker

      Ah those of a kind draw together, dont worry those of us out here that are… “off-beat” shall stick by your side with this purchase.

  3. Rob Mack

    lol @ a ‘can’t quite grow up’ support group…

    More power to your inner child Joris;)

    What’s your green friends’ name?

  4. Shapeways Blog

    From the 17th until the 25th of October Dutch Design Week will be in Eindhoven. It is the biggest design event in the Netherlands and I always find it very inspiring. So, inspiring in fact that I bought my 6ft green Dolphin there last year. Shapeways wi

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