The Shapeways community have come up with a range of designs ready to 3D print for the Raspberry Pi computer. It is early days so the images below are CG renders only but we are excited to see the designs start to roll in even if we have not seen the 3D prints, yet.

Currently flooding the internets with excitement, The Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The foundation plans to release two versions, priced at US$25 and $35. The Foundation started accepting orders for the $35 model on 29 February 2012. The Raspberry Pi is intended to stimulate the teaching of basic computer science in schools. 

The pre launch of the Raspberry Pi was a massive success when during the first week of 2012, the first 10 boards were put up for auction on ebay. One was bought anonymously and donated to the museum at The Centre for Computing History in Suffolk, England. The ten boards (with a total retail price of £220) together raised over £16,000, with the last to be auctioned, serial number #01, raising £3,500. In advance of the perceived launch at the end of February 2012, the
Foundation’s servers struggled to cope with the load placed by watchers
repeatedly refreshing their browsers.

It is so cool to see so much excitement around access to simple, fun computing tools it is great that the Shapeways community can be a part of it. 

Raspberry Pi image and details via Wikipedia