A couple weeks ago, we asked the Shapeways community to show us what they thought Siri looks like. We received some astoundingly creative entries in the form of pictures, 3D models, sketches, gifs, and illustrations via twitter. Some people were inspired by Siri’s heroic nature, others by its robotic tendencies, and some by Siri’s subtle feminine allure.

As we announced with the contest kickoff, we’ve all heard the multitalented, multilingual Siri speak, and she/he/it continues to impress us with a wealth of on-demand knowledge. Despite all those late night conversations and heart to hearts, we have yet to ever see Siri in the flesh…until now.

We reviewed the entries and are excited to announce that Siri is coming to life, in 3D! There are two winners, one in the 3D Design category, and one in the Inspiring Design category (no 3D design skills required). 

Thank you to
everyone who entered for sharing your incarnations! Though we were blown
away by so many entries, we could only choose two winners. Without
further adieu, the winners are…

3D Design: Omniscient Siri by SaGa Design, @SagaDesign3D

Inspiring Design: Siri as Personal Assistant by @eddieadolf

(3D print in the making)

Some others we love include Siri as a superhero by @epicture

Siri as a smart apple by @InsaneGalvatron

Stressed Out Siri by @ChristiaFung

Siri Bust by Edrice

Check out the Huffington Post for their coverage of the contest.

Congratulations to @SagaDesign3D and @eddieadolf! And happy Leap Year everyone! Thanks for helping us make the impossible possible.