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Dublin based design studio and Shapeways community members Curve Creative have been getting some great exposure for the Nanolet Bracelet, Cpt. Jack and are sure to get more love for their Headbuddy. Paget, Alan and Ben were kind enough to give us a peek into the minds behind their 3D printed designs.

How did you learn to design in 3D:

We all studied Industrial Design in the National College of Art and Design in Ireland. 3D modeling is a fundamental part of the course to help communicate ideas and to ready products for manufacture.

How would you describe your creative process?

Specialising in functional products is a big part of Curve and for every creative process we start by identifying problems or areas where there are opportunities to design something new. We will brainstorm creative solutions and aim to execute the final solution in a way that is both functional and looks great. One of our key goals is to always make things simpler. A question most commonly asked by ourselves when reviewing a design is how can we make it simpler.

What do you do when you’re not designing? 

Design is a constant activity, it’s always in the back of our minds. Ideas just grow, and sometimes we might be inspired by a little nugget in everyday life. For this reason we are constantly ‘switched on’ but when we want to clear our minds, sports is a good place to start, running, rugby and climbing. 

Where do you do your best thinking?

There’s no one place for best thinking, as we mentioned earlier we see design as continual, and sometimes one’s thinking is influenced by certain everyday tasks in a different way depending on the project to mind. Having said this we do have a few places where we each clear our minds sometimes allowing solutions or ideas to raise. Alan say’s the shower is a good thinking place, Ben whilst out running and Paget is a robot who thinks at full capacity all the time

What’s next on the design docket?

We do a lot of design work for clients, but Shapeways lets us work on our own products, and lets us forget about production restrictions…(except for the minimum wall thickness!). We are constantly working on new ideas for our products and aim to continue developing our range. We have a few things which are close to fruition, keep a look out!

Who are your favorite designers or artists?

We’re are big Apple heads, so Johnny Ive is a given. Then that leads back to Dieter Rams, really appreciating the simplicity his ethos achieves. We also like Eileen Gray and Louis le Brocquy. Tony Stark and DaVinci are on the list too…

If you weren’t limited by current technologies, what would you want to make using 3D printing?

Tough one! Thinking about it a bit though we all agreed unanimously that we would like to be able to print in electronics, batteries. Ben wants lava… 

Tech you couldn’t live without?


Our macs.

That is all.

Favorite material?

WSF is a strong contender for our all time favourite material, not just for our favourite Shapeways material. It just performs so well, tough, flexible, cheap, looks good, precise and it feels like a higher quality plastic. If you could make titanium with the added properties of WSF that would be great, cheers.

Favorite font?

Comic Sans… it’s just a little font and everyone is giving it a hard time.  But on a serious side, Akko pro is a nifty font. 

Most prized object?

Paget = My iPhone

Ben = Camera 

Alan = My 5th generation iPod shuffle. 

Morning person / night owl?

Ben = Morning person

Alan = Lunch owl?

Paget = Robot

How much do you iterate a design before and after releasing a product?

Until it’s done. Some of our products have been in iterations for the last 6 months and some require only one or two iterations until we’re happy. Sometimes it just works.

How do you document your design process and product?

Every monday morning we have a meeting to review where each project is at. We use this time to discuss directions and throw around ideas. This gives us a clear direction for the week ahead. 

How do you promote yourselves?

Our products reach a worldwide audience so blogs and social media are by far our best marketing tools. When launching a new product we generally send out a press release to all the blogs. This is our proven method and we think that good product photos are essential for this. 

Thanks again to Curve Creative for their time to answer our questions, we look forward to following their success.

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