Announcing Contest Winners! Shapeways MyKeepon Challenge

Thank you to everyone who entered the Shapeways My Keepon Challenge! We fell in love with the little dancing machine and are thrilled by the number of creative entries from the community, which you can check out here, here and here.

The judges have conferred and are ready to dub a winner. But first, an honorable mention must go to Antohneeo for his DJ Booth Set and Deadmau5 DJ mask. With these outfits, MyKeepon will be ready to hit the Miami club scene.

The winning entry is an accessory whose design is classic, sleek, airtight, and unleashes the superhero spirit in all of us. Drum roll please…the winner for the Shapeways MyKeepon Challenge is…MyKeepon Catwoman by Alimae. Congratulations!

A special shout out to Sidnaique for his Jazz Hat, a beautifully textured throw back.

Special thanks again to BeatBots and Wow Stuff! for collaborating with us on this contest!

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