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The Magic Mathematical Formula that Explains Why We Can 3D Print Any Physical Object

In theory, of course there are material restrictions but any physical object can be described using Fubini’s Theorem and can therefore be 3D printed. My handsome Aussie friend over at 3D Printing is the Future consulted Professor Alan Branford of Flinders University to get the lowdown.

“He said that Fubini’s Theorem states that an object of n dimensions can be represented as a spectrum of layers of shapes of (n-1)-dimensional  layers.

This means that a 3 dimensional shape (any shape in the real world) can be represented as layers of 2 dimensional shapes.”

For the full extract of the conversation head over to 3D Printing is the Future to eavesdrop on the witty banter.

There are of course also mathematical objects that can ONLY be produced using 3D printing, or as we like to say here at Shapeways, making the impossible possible


Shapeways = (impossible – im) x 

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