Welcoming the Los Angeles Shapeways Meetup!

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Yesterday we recapped the Baltimore-based Shapeways meetup. Today, we’re excited to welcome the member-led LA Shapeways Meetup to the family.

On Saturday March 3rd, SoCal Shapers will be gathering at Marmalade Cafe at 4783 Commons Way # E, Calabasas, CA. LA is famous for being a driving town, and sometimes that means its hard to connect, but it’s also filled with a vibrant community of animators and designers. This will be a great chance to meet others and learn how 3D printing is helping them power their business, or grab tricks and tips for getting up and running.

The meetup is being run by none other than Lincoln Kamm (aka novaking), a longtime contributor to the community, and one of the coolest dudes around.

So RSVP here, and don’t miss out!


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