A Peek Into the First Mid-Atlantic Shapeways Meetup

This past Thursday night in Baltimore we welcomed the Mid-Atlantic Shapeways Meetup. As we’ve been mentioning, this is the first member-led Shapeways meetup to show up on the scene, and I was pumped to travel down from NY and help kick off the festivities.

About 35 people gathered at The Baltimore Node hackerspace. The crowd was awesomely diverse, between members of the Node, local designers, hardware and software hackers, students and professors from Towson University’s Object Design dept. People excitedly showed off their work and some of the students from Towson even helped one member of The Node set up his desktop 3D printer. Someone serendipitously dropped off snacks, and Michael Rosner, the Node’s resident photographer generously jumped in to take photos with his awesome DSLR (check out the album!).

Eventually the crowd headed over to Joe Squared for some of the better pizza I’ve ever had, and great beer.

Big props to Mike Williams and Todd Blatt for stepping up to organize, and to Jeff Bare for the extra support. And a huge thank you to Mark Huson of The Node for opening their home to us. 

If you’ve been wishing there was a local Shapeways meetup in your area, shoot me an email. Perhaps we can work together and help you get set up. 🙂

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