Shapeways gets Mashed Up! 3D Printer Brings Internet Memes Into the Real World

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Lauren Drell of Mashable compiled a nostalgia-inducing round up of some of the best 3D printed memes created by the Shapeways community. From the Nyan Cat to Sad Keanu to Minecraft action figures, this gallery reminded us of those hours in the post-lunch lull when a little YouTube hilarity goes a long way.

From 64 million views on YouTube of a cat unleashing its rainbows in an alternate universe…

…To a real life object you can tout around the office.

Check out the full gallery on Mashable. And a very special request: will someone in the Shapeways community please team up with Dean Fleischer-Camp and design a 3D printed Marcel the Shell?! I can guarantee at least one sale from yours truly.


    1. Carine

      Ah good catch. Next time :) Bring on the memes!

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