Timeline on technical difficulties

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Hey everyone, a quick update to the technical difficulties we are experiencing. At this time we have a solution that will probably take 1-2 days before we are completely up and could take a maximum of 4 days in the worst case scenario. We are working around the clock and hope to be up and running again on Monday.

We’ll keep you posted on a 24 hours basis, or when new info becomes available that changes that timeline.

Many thanks again for your understanding.


  1. Stijn van der Linden

    Wow, the gremlins really did a number on you!
    Thanks for the update and hang in there guys ;-)

    Looks like these parts are down:
    - model upload
    - co-creator upload
    - forum messaging (I cannot tell my customer that their co-creator is delayed)
    - yippee emails (haven’t had one in three days, despite some sales)

    So as soon as all gremlins are dispersed, these should be fixed all at once?

  2. Alex Delderfield (ADEdge)

    Wow, you guys must be having one serious issue, lets hope for a quick fix.

    So much for the new material being a smoother edition than the issues when ceramics were first introduced O_o

  3. Alex Z.

    Just out curiosity, is it a virus that you guys are fighting or was your system compromised by hackers? Judging by an unpleasant delays sounds like the second one….
    Looking forward for the system to come back.

  4. Peter Weijmarshausen

    Hi guys, thanks for the support.

    “Fortunately” no virus or hack. We have hardware issues with regards to the storage of the 6 Terra bytes of models and pictures. We are fully backed up, but the sheer size is making the process slow. As things are now, we should be up with full functionality restored tomorrow at noon.

    1. Kasss_Gnarl

      Hi Pete, thanks for the status update. Heres hoping it goes smoothly.

    2. Dizingof

      Pete… come on.. 6 Tera storage is nothing.. my “Falafel” website has more then that :D

  5. Sal

    Another issue I noticds is when In the item description, if I use html codes such as STRONG and BR it messes up that entire page to where I can’t edit it back to normal and have to delete that model and upload it again. BTW, models can’t be deleted right now.

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