Shapeways Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties

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 A quick update to let you know that uploads to Shapeways are currently disabled as we deal with some gremlins on our server.  This means you cannot upload models, images or comments on the forum. We are aware of the cause of the problem and our engineers are working to kill the gremlins and make sure they can never enter the server again.

For shop owners the sales and shopping cart is still functioning so you will not suffer from loss of sales.

Thank you for your patience while we work on this, we will let you know the second we are fully functional again.


  1. Todd Blatt

    Serves you right for feeding them after midnight.

    Really I think the PEBA has come to life and escaped and they’re just running around the office trying to catch it.

  2. The GodGremlin

    Please forgive my escapees for causing you so much hassle, I would like to make amends… perhaps a spanner in the works of Cubify is in order?

  3. Stony Smith

    Yeah, but who got them wet?

  4. Anonymous

    Any idea when things will be back online?

  5. Duann

    Soon, very soon. We will let you know ASAP.

    1. Andrew Holder

      Its been quite a while now. I think people will be rushing over to Kraftwurx in droves if you’re not back up soon!

  6. Mitchell Jetten

    Hi Andrew,

    We are doing everything we can to solve this outage as soon as possible.

    We are really really sorry for the inconvenience!
    As you can imagine, our development is doing everything they can (without having some time to rest!)

    Please hold on!!

    Kind regards,
    Mitchell Jetten
    Customer Service Agent.

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