Designer Spotlight: Michael Williams

Maryland-based Mike Williams (aka youknowwho4eva) has been a pillar of the Shapeways community since late ‘08. When he’s not pitching in as your friendly neighborhood forums moderator or helping others develop their skills, he’s dreaming up wild new things to make, from gadgety machine parts, to his more recent endeavors with organic shapes and  classy jewelry concepts.

Cheat Sheet:

  •  Tech you couldn’t live without: I think I’d be better off without technology. I’d be forced to be more creative with what I have.
  • Favorite material: Depends on the product, but right now I’m targeting ceramic.
  • Favorite font: Anything readable. I hate getting emails that I have to struggle to read.
  •  Most prized object: My family (does that count?) after that my phone. It’s always glued to me.
  •  Morning person / night owl: Night owl for sure. Takes me a few cups of coffee to stop growling at people in the morning.
  • How did you learn how to design in 3D?

    I feel part of designing in 3D can’t be learned. I started in 3D drafting in High School around 2000. But for me it started in Middle School around 96 or 97 in the Engineering Club where we hand drafted our designs.

    How would you describe your creative process?
    Chaotic. I usually start with an idea, then I have to decide how to get to that idea. I always want to try to do something that hasn’t been thought of. I try not to look at what others are doing so I don’t get pulled in.
    What do you do when you’re not designing?
    Think about what to design. Mostly I do the family thing. My job is designing so at times it feels too much like work and loses its fun. My favorite hobby right now is cooking.
    Where do you do your best thinking?

    Probably laying in bed before I go to sleep. Think about my day and what would make things easier or just different.

    What’s next on the design docket? 

    I’m at a crossroad in my designs. I want to go more organic, and I’m learning a lot about it. I’m beginning to morph my mechanical back ground with my new organic learnings. Right now the idea rolling through my head is objects that look, or even are, painful to wear.

    Who are your favorite designers or artists, inside and outsiode of the Shapeways community?
    My favorite artist is my daughter Madison. 4 years old and can turn a coloring book into a masterpiece. 
    My favorite designers in the Shapeways community are those that not only design, but help others design, help others break from the social standard. Shoutout to TurtlesAreCool for pushing the materials limits with intricate designs. Many thanks to Stop4stuff, Magic, stonysmith, and Virtox for their wonderful designs, and wonderful help in the forum.

    If you weren’t limited by current technologies, what would you want tomake using 3D printing?

    If I weren’t limited by technology I’d print some solar panels, wind turbines, and peltiers. All to use the electricity to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen to power my 3D printed jet propelled flying car/submarine.

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