ANAT (the Australian Network for Art and Technology) has been working for over 23 years to support artists engaging with science and technology. Recently, they have become increasingly fascinated by the ‘personal
fabrication’ movement – especially the creative opportunity to “make
almost anything”.

“Our interest in personal fabrication is partly driven by the potentially
transformative effects that these technologies could have on
traditional manufacturing industries.  We also admire the spirit of the
personal fabrication movement – how online collaboration and free
sharing of information, designs and software is driving the development
of these technologies; how ‘Fab Labs’ (fabrication laboratories) are
springing up around the world with the big idea of harnessing “the
inventive power of the world to locally design and produce solutions to
local problems (1).”  But perhaps most of all, our interest is driven by
the opportunities the movement offers to empower creative people to
“make almost anything”(2).”

Part of promoting 3D printing to artists is a workshop to be held at RiAus entitled 3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution presented in conjunction with DFEEST, Intel US and RiAus

Speakers will examine the impact these rapidly developing and
increasingly affordable technologies will  have on many areas, including
creativity, education, industry and manufacturing.

The afternoon technical workshop is already sold out but there are still places available for the morning session via Eventbrite