Searching for Superman or Superwoman to Lead the “Factory of the Future”

NYC is increasingly becoming the global breeding ground of innovation and entrepreneurship. Unbeknownst to many, it’s also becoming the hub for a radical shift in how things are made — powered by 3D printing. In order to supercharge this shift, we’re opening up production in NYC this year and will in turn make 3D printing faster, more affordable, and more accessible for everyone.

As we lay down the groundwork for the “factory of the future,” we’re hiring the team of all stars who will make this all possible, including the Director of Operations who will lead us into the future. This person (ehem, superhuman) will be tackling incredibly challenging technical and operational problems that have yet to be solved anywhere in the world, questions like: How do we produce, sort, and ship thousands of unique items in different materials to customers all over the world on a daily basis? How do we take best practices from traditional manufacturing and apply them in the context of 3D printing? How do we scale our efforts as demand and product complexity increase exponentially? 

This person will not be working alone. He or she will be inspiring the team that leverages the best from of our state of the art production facility in Eindhoven and will be working alongside our management team at NYC headquarters. He or she will also be working with our development and product teams, who are creating solutions to some of the more challenging problems in 3D design and production. So it goes without saying that we’re looking for a people person who is truly invested in the professional development of his colleagues.

This team will be leading our efforts to grow a global, decentralized personalized production network powered by 3D printers so that we can produces locally and efficiently. This team will be bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States, and supporting a growing community of designers who are now making a living through Shapeways and 3D printing.
We’re still searching for our Director of Operations, a person who is not only wickedly smart, but is passionate about the Shapeways vision and craves the start-up pace. If you know this person, or want to throw your hat in the ring, do not be shy! We can’t change the world without your help.

Applicants can apply through the Shapeways website, sending a resume and intro letter to jobs@shapeways.com. 

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