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Welcoming the Shapeways Mid-Atlantic Meetup!!

Shapeways NYC meetups have really started to pick up steam. In fact, last month we had 65 people join us at the Mason Jar in Manhattan to hang out with other Shapers in person. It’s a testament to the simple act of bringing people together. But what’s even better is when these things take on a life of their own.

We’re excited to introduce the Shapeways Mid-Atlantic Meetup, the first member-led gathering in a local community. Todd Blatt (aka baltimore) and Mike Williams (aka everyone’s favorite forums mod) teamed up to bring Baltimore-based members together to learn, share their creations, and get inspired. 

Everyone will be gathering on Feb. 16th at 7pm at the Baltimore Node hackerspace, then enjoying pizza and local brew at the famous Joe Squared. And me? I’ll be making my way down from NY to give the group a warm send-off, and stare in confusion as I try and decipher some accents (Mike’s words, not mine…).

If you’re in the area, don’t miss this!


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