Green Lights Ahead

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It was late August of 2011 when I collaborated with the rest of the Shapeways team to launch theMaterials Status Page. Since then, we’ve coordinated to offer you first bi-weekly, then weekly updates (conveniently color coded red, yellow, and green) on how each of Shapeways 3D printed materials have been coming along.

After lot’s of hard work these past months, this week we now have a full green house! Every one of our materials are running on schedule.

We’d like to take a quick moment to congratulate ourselves on the progress, and make sure to share the results with you guys. We hope you’ve all been noticing a pleasant change in how long you wait for your prints.

Alright, now let’s make it even better…..


  1. Steve Marshall

    Faster than on schedule, perhaps! I just received an order only 8 days after I ordered it!

  2. Dizingof

    Well… as a senior member.. i admit my sales dropped to zero……
    That could also explain why all materials are green… :/

    Slow times again?…

  3. Alex Delderfield (ADEdge)

    Heh, awesome work guys.

    You should implement a blue label now, for materials running a few days ahead of scheduled ;)

  4. Mitchell Jetten


    To be honest, no ;)
    It’s actually increasing every month :)

    Alex, sounds like a good plan!
    Frosted Ultra Detail arrives after 10 days already instead of 15 working days, so that’s a good start!

  5. Chewy

    If I upload a model tomorrow, is it possible to have it by valentine’s day? (in the most basic plastic). Would like to make a few last minute valentine’s gifts

    1. Chewy

      I forgot to add, I live in the Netherlands. Maybe that matters.

  6. Ana

    Hey Chewy, unfortunately Jan. 31st was the cut off date for ordering plastics in time for Valentine’s Day. If you do place an order, there’s a slim chance it will arrive before the big day, but we can’t guarantee it (and so I wouldn’t make plans around that. ;) )

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