Designer Spotlight: Michael Mueller (aka Pookas)

Michael Mueller (aka Pookas) has taken us down memory lane with his whimsical and mythical designs. From nautical and animal-inspired jewelry to belt clips and key chains, the Wuerzburg, Germany based designer continues to ignite our imaginations. Michael shares his story, quirks, and where his thoughts are currently wandering.

Cheat Sheet:

  • Tech he couldn’t live without:
    I like computers, Internet, and TV, but I could live without it…no, I won’t try.
  • Favorite material: Stainless steel and silver. Robust and made for eternity.
  • Favorite font:
    Depends on the context.
  • 3D software of choice: 3D Studio Max.
  • Most prized object:
    I collect a lot. Antique photos, snail shells, nixie tubes. No favorite, though.
  • Morning person / night owl:
    I don’t like to see the sun rise when I get up, but before bedtime, it’s okay.

How did you learn to design in 3D?

I started in the 90s when I was studying communications design. Since I
graduated from university I have been working as a computer game
developer, so working in 3D is part of my job. 

How would you describe your creative process?

I try to write down every idea, no matter how whacky. If I have the
time, the skills or if the technology finally exists, I try to make
something out of it. At this point I realize that a lot of these ideas
were silly indeed.

What do you do when you’re not designing?

I’m part of KRITZELKRATZ 3000, which is the name of our company. The name
is unpronounceable even for Germans. Anyway, we created a lot of fine
and clever games, especially for young kids.

Where do you do your best thinking?

On the toilet wouldn’t be cool, so let’s say in bed just before falling asleep. It isn’t on the toilet, honestly!

What’s next on the design docket?

Shapeways gives a whole bunch of new opportunities. I like to (re)invent
and (re)design stuff. Making everyday things unique and special is

Who are your favorite designers or artists?

There are a few TV shows which blew my mind: “The mighty boosh” is a
total crazy work of art, so I guess it’s Noel Fielding alias Vince Noir. Also there are a lot of great fellows here on Shapeways who are doing incredible awesome stuff and designs!

If you weren’t limited by current technologies, what would you want to make using 3D printing?

I like mechanical stuff, so a clockwork would be nice but maybe it
should go further than that…something that replicates itself would
be great but also very dangerous. Anyway, a self-duplicating killer
robot would be cool. I would like to print that!

Check out Michael Mueller’s work on the interwebs:

Shapeways Shop  |  www.pookas.de

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