Welcoming Assya Plavskina to the Shapeways team!

We’re growing faster than a milk-chugging pubescent teen these days (we’re hiring!), and every time someone joins the Shapeways team, we have the wonderful tradition of sending a welcome email to the entire company. It usually results in a steady stream of “WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!!” type messages.

This past week, we were joined by the wonderful Assya Plavskina, our new Shipping Specialist, who will help launch our NYC production this year, or as we like to call it, the factory of the future. Her introductory Q&A was so great that we had to share it with everyone…

What drew you to Shapeways?

My revolutionary tendencies.

I am extremely excited about 3D printing as a whole, the possibilities that it has opened up in the past few years and the ones that are yet to come of it. But I am especially passionate about Shapeways because I feel that the company has been able to cross a much needed border – making these possibilities accessible and open to everyone. And this is what will keep the 3D printing revolution progressing and exploding.

And also – there are so many materials to be working with!!!

What do you do for fun?

Bake! An excuse to combine my equal loves for sweet foods and exacting measurement. I find it extremely relaxing and rewarding, and I love that it brings people together. I also love to spend time outdoors and in nature, breathing as much fresh air as possible.

What should people ask you about? (ie what’s your area of expertise)

Hopefully soon, people can ask me about any stage of the Shapeways production process. But until I become completely familiar with that, my areas of expertise include 3D modelling, the benefits and uses of 3D printing in the architectural sphere, and the physical properties of various materials. I also have quite a good knowledge of laser scanning, which will hopefully one day join the ranks of the Shapeways repertoire.

Who or what were you in your previous lives?

A rubber ball. From this, I have left over a constant need to be active and find outlets for my energy.

Give a random factoid about yourself!

Since (approximately) the age of 13, I haven’t gone a single day without having at least one (and often many more) cups of tea.

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