What Does Siri Look Like : Submit Your Vision & Shapeways Will 3D Print the Winners

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What do you think Siri looks like? Submit your idea and we’ll 3D print the winners!

We’ve all heard the multitalented, multilingual Siri speak, and we’ve even heard her/him/it sing via the Flaming Lips! Despite all those late night conversations and heart to hearts, we have yet to ever see Siri in the flesh.

It’s time our coy friend reveals it’s true colors, but we need your
help. What do you think Siri looks like? We’ve asked Siri some questions
to help spur your creativity…

Submit your designs by February 20, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST
, which can be an image, a video, a sketch, or a 3D
model, and we’ll 3D print the winners.

We’ll choose one winner in the 3D
Design category
for all the 3D modelers out there, and one winner in the
Inspiring Design category, for which we’ll model the winner in 3D. And
please, let’s keep this PG. 

Tweet your submissions to @shapeways with a link to your design and the hashtag #3DSiri to enter.

You must be following @shapeways on Twitter to enter.

In the spirit of making the impossible possible, we will announce the winners on February 29 (i.e., Leap Year).

Welcome to the future of stuff.

For full terms & conditions check out the What Does Siri Look Like? contest page. 

How To Enter

To enter the 3D Design category:

  • Upload your model to Shapeways with the tag “Siri” before the 21st of February 2012.
  • Your entry must not have a cost exceeding $200 to print, excluding mark-up and VAT.
  • Upload a render as a preview.
  • Tweet your submissions to @shapeways with a link to your design and the hashtag #3DSiri

To enter the Inspiring Design category:

  • Tweet your submissions to @shapeways with a link to your design and the hashtag #3DSiri
  • Design can be a photo, image, video, or sketch. Other formats are open to consideration.
  • Shapeways and / or its community members will take the winning design from this category and convert it into a 3D model
What do YOU think Siri looks like?
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  1. Siri

    Why can’t you accept me as I am?

  2. Christina

    Fun! I’m excited. I’ll take a stab at character modeling again, it’s been years since last time I made a character though.

  3. Mitchell Jetten

    Siri looks like a train?

    1. Duann

      Oh Mitchell, I wish you could enter, but we ARE having an internal contest…

      Can’t wait to see your entry

  4. youknowwho4eva

    Just like every other woman on the web, she’s a 350lb 40 year old man that lives in his mothers basement.

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