What Color Do You Want YOUR Ceramics Designs to be 3D Printed in at Shapeways

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3D Printed Ceramics is starting to look more colorful at Shapeways. Which is your favorite color and what colors would you like to start 3D printing your ceramics designs in?

Color Experiments for 3D Printed Ceramics at Shapeways


    1. Duann

      We are loving black here too,

      What kind of blue?

    2. KC Winter

      Cobalt blue would be amazing

    3. Duann

      Cobalt Blue, Will add it to our wish list.

    1. Duann

      Bob, do you like the pink as is?

    2. Bob

      Yes, the lighter shade looks very nice. Although I admit this is for one specific project I have in mind ;-) .

      That being said, I’m very impressed by the overall quality of Shapeways’ ceramics and frankly, I’d love all these colours to be available…

  1. youknowwho4eva

    I like the green on the bottom for next month. Make up some Saint Paddy’s drink ware

    1. youknowwho4eva

      I also like the washed out look of the blue. Makes it look rustic.

  2. Duann

    Thanks for the feedback, I will add another image so you get a better idea of how it is looking

  3. jeff

    my numero uno would be the washed out aquamarine

  4. nancyliang

    I like the black too. Keep your eyes peeled! =D

    We’re testing out different shades. Maybe we’ll see some pastel shades soon. Keep the feedback a-comin!

  5. Glenn

    I like the light blue and green because with this particular design it actually imparts two colours; where the design is raised it becomes lighter.

  6. Aaron

    Bring down the price, then this becomes useful. ceramics is still ridiculously expensive for practical use.

  7. Aaron T.

    If we can only get one or two, Black, then Deep Blue get my vote.

  8. Mat

    How are you glazing the ceramics? Is this a proprietary glaze or a cone-4 low fire glaze in which you could do any combination?

  9. Annamari

    Turquoise and pink are yummy!

  10. Philippe Garenc

    RED please ! If they can do it, it’s so nice because it’s a so sensible color to kiln.
    Iridescent would be nice too… a way to turn clay to gold, inox or bronze ! ;)

    1. Duann

      Yeah, we are looking at red too.

  11. Dario Scapitta

    Are all beautiful!!!… It is hard to chose! Black, red and dark blue are my favourite… yes… all! ;)

  12. nancyliang

    The “dark blue” in the picture is actually black. Photos always show up funky on the web… lighting, camera, and also different computer screen warps colors differently.

    Also.. matte finish anybody? :)

  13. Ceramicwombat

    The black and turquoise are nifty. A matte opaque color option would be nice too.

    Also, can we have the option to receive unglazed ceramic? I’d like to run a printed ceramic piece through a wood kiln.

  14. Matt

    For me, I vote for pretty much any colour here besides the yellow. :)

  15. wjv

    That turquoise looks SWEET. I like the black and the warm green too.

  16. Oracle of Wuffing

    I’m surprised such “crawling” glazes are on the table, there’s probably a lot of nightmares about what the final product would look like given what the 3D model looks like.

    My thought process for selecting them would be to start with the options that are the most distinct, so I’d drop the pink that’s counterclockwise from the red, and then the green between the blue. Then, the yellow looks awesome, but in practice it’ll be too close to white. It’d be awesome if I could just have a choice of those four and white, but if I had to narrow it down further, I’d keep red and blue out of preference.

    Is your kiln electric or gas based? If it was gas-based, I’d be concerned that a lot of the red glazes I’ve worked with will green if the kiln isn’t properly oxidizing, which isn’t always easy to guarantee.

    1. Duann

      Thanks for your input,

      We are not really that keen on ‘crawling’ glazes either, but we always need to experiment to know what the community don’t want as much as what they do.

      We have some more colors coming through soon, we will share as soon as they arrive..

      Thanks again

  17. Bettina

    I am not a big fan of brightly coloured ceramics especially when they are glossy. They always look a bit like child-like and I guess the necessary thickness of the printed ceramic material doesnt help that aesthetic.

    So for me, I would prefer just black and white, and a matte/satin and gloss option for both. but this is me being a purist I suppose :)

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