The Pan-NO-Head = Modding a Camera with 3D Printing to do Panoramic Interactive Photos

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The Pan-NO-Head by BVR which (if I read this correctly) helps to make it possible to do a panoramic print with a digital camera and an 8mm fish eye lens.  

The description includes a series of letters (npp/lpp/osp/GR) that may mean more to ‘pano-heads’ then it does to me but you can check out the process and the interactive images on the Buffalovr site.


  1. Bill Junior

    Just an fyi, the npp/lpp/osp refer to the “no parallax point/ least parallax point/ optimum stitching point. Some people call it different things, but basically you need to rotate your lens and camera around the point within the lens where the light rays converge. Without rotating around that point it is very diffucult to get a good stitch in smaller spaces due to parallax.
    ps. the GR was referring to “grey robust: ;)

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