What is Your favorite Material for 3D Printing at Shapeways

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Here at Shapeways we can see the popularity of each of the materials we offer for 3D printing via the volume produced but we would love to know what is YOUR personal favorite material and why?

Personally I am falling in love with some of the new materials we have been experimenting such as the Squishy Material and other secret(ish) ones, but what is your favorite and how could we improve it? 


  1. Stijn van der Linden

    For the last two years I have been developing quite the nylon i.e. *SF fetish ;-)
    Such a versatile and useful material.
    I have been neglecting my love for metal though, but will likely pick that up soon.
    Can not wait to get my hands on and test the squishy material (when when when? :-) )

    Would also love to see a coated strong & flexible, something durable and shiny or matte?

    And how about “Dishwashed” white strong & flexible?
    I would not mind to pay and wait extra.
    Currently I always run new shipments through a short eco program as I always seem to find lots of white powder in with the products, not very chique for customers ;-)

    1. Duann


      Dishwashed Strong Flexible.


      We just had a new black in the office today that was very interesting, we all oooohed and aaaaaahed….I think you will too.

  2. youknowwho4eva

    That’s like asking what someones favorite candy is. Silver has made significant other gift making fun. Surprisingly girls don’t like plastic rings :-P

  3. Dario Scapitta

    Good to know Duann!
    My top material is BS&F and I can’t wait to the black one! It is perfect to combine it with all metals and is ever elegant! I’m also curious about the new soft and elastic material!

    Thanks for your “experiments”!! ;)

    1. Duann


      Nancy is the one finding the coolest stuff

  4. Wrenchbert

    I love FUD, except when the orientation makes the print worthless. We REALLY need print orientation selection in this material, even if it doubles the price.
    A way for my customers in Canada to order direct without the $20 UPS extortion fee would be nice too.
    But after those major problems are fixed, a material with the strength of WSF and better detail and/or surface finish would be nice.

  5. Innovo

    Stainless steel is the most durable and almost affordable material.

  6. Hidden Eloise

    We love coloured nylon! :) And it loves us back!
    Who said girls don’t like plastic accessories? Not true!

    Polished and coloured nylon is my favourite non-existent option! Any time soon?

    And what’s with the new black? Show us or we will come and shave your pet dog and then it will be ugly. :P

    Bear hugs,
    Hidden Eloise

  7. macouno

    Full Colour Sandstone…

    Cause lets be honest, if you had the choice… wouldn’t all prints be full colour (with the exception of precious metals). It does need improvement though!… quite a bit of improvement…

    I think, if you offered Full Colour Strong and Flexible… 90% of prints sold would be in that…

  8. Oracle of Wuffing

    I’d have to go with WSF, out of simplicity’s sake. Since it’s sort-of impossible to print with like, Mirror Strong and Flexible or Transparent Strong and Flexible, what about Glow in the Dark Strong and Flexible?

    Or Full Color Blacklight?

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