How and Why to get Your 3D Printed Products on Shapeways Home Page

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The most empowering aspect of Shapeways for designers is being able to sell your 3D printed products in your Shapeways shop and receive a passive income.  Once you have your Shapeways shop and product pages properly set up, you do not need to do anything else except promote your products and Shapeways does the rest.

We do try and help promote products on our blog, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets as well as on our newsletters, product features and the Shapeways home page. 

For us to help you promote your products we need you to prepare your Shapeways shop and product pages with clear photographs, descriptions and ensure you let us know about them in Feature This or It Arrived.

When we do feature products on the Shapeways home page the products typically see a spike in traffic with a relative sales increase so it is well worth ensuring your products are properly documented. Above you can see an example of a product page typical traffic with a spike once featured.

Above we see what typically happens when a product is featured in a Shapeways Newsletter (you are subscribed aren’t you) or promotional mail out such as the recent Valentine’s Day email. Again you see a spike of interest that increases your chances of selling more of your designs.

Take a look at your Shapeways Shop, are the photographs clear, well lit and replace the default renders, have you described and tagged the item properly so that we and others can find them amongst the thousands of products in the Shapeways galleries. Make sure you let everyone know about your designs in the Feature This or It Arrived forums, tweet about them, post them in Facebook and you have a better chance of us picking up your designs and promoting them for you.  

We just need a little help from you.


    1. Duann

      Hi Kobi,

      Your shop is looking pretty good, once you have photographs to replace the renders be sure to let us know.


  1. Dario

    SHAPEWAYS is doing every day a great job to promote our shops and designs, especially if compared with other 3D service. Great forum and blog; every day news and info for everyone of us. And we are proud to be part of it! Thanks!

    1. Shapeways Team

      A collective awwww thanks…

  2. Dizingof

    Well… i’m a known nonconformist.. ;)

    Here is a tip any shop owner can do to get serious spikes of traffic to his/her shop:

    I recently did some testing with buying traffic .. (Google: buy website traffic) – got 10′s of thousands uniques for $15-50 a package.

    I chose for this test 2 different traffic suppliers – surprisingly these tests made some nice sales + lots of Facebook’s Likes which you can see on your Google Analytics.

    Now just think if we all shop owners start pumping traffic to shapeways this way …. we could all see a huge boost in exposure , sales , bookmarks, Likes, new designers/shapies signup .. etc..

    Shapeways, are your servers ready for this? ;)

    1. Novastar Design

      Hi Dizingof !

      I was wondering which service for buying website traffic you have good experience with ? $ 20 for 10′s of thousants uniques sounds good to me….i guess you dont use google adsence
      Would be good if there was a tutorial for getting free or paid traffic to shapeways…

      Greetz Novastar

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