Shapeways User MeetUp in Munich, Germany, Sunday, January 22nd

Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen will be hosting the first Munich Meetup this Sunday while he is in Germany to speak at the DLD Conference.

Join him this Sunday the 22nd at 7pm, bring
your 3D printed models and to talk design and 3D printing! The meetup location is the
Hotel bar of Kings Hotel First Class, near Hauptbahnhof Central.

Please RSVP using the ‘Join us’ button on the right so we know how many drinks to order.

The Shapeways Meetup’s are a great way to meet others who are interested in art, design, technology, the intersection and the opportunity provided by 3D printing (plus they are ALOT of fun)

We had the January NYC Meetup last night at the Mason Jar where we met loads of interesting people, saw some fantastic 3D prints and showed off some new materials. Check out the photos from the event and the Time Keeper Aaron Trocola designed and printed to celebrate the event, Flava Flav style.

Shapeways NYC MeetUp Jan 2012 04

Shapeways NYC MeetUp Jan 2012 01Shapeways NYC MeetUp Jan 2012 02Shapeways NYC MeetUp Jan 2012 09Shapeways NYC MeetUp Jan 2012 03

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