A License To 3D Print Money for Designers

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The Shapeways marketplace has been growing fast over the past few months with shop owners earning more profit then ever before. We love it when we see tweets by successful Shapeways shop owners such as Michiel Cornellisen and Paul Robinson as they hit milestones or experience an increase in sales.  

What is so exciting about this is that designers all around the world are earning money every day from their designs. It does not matter if Paul is in Australia and the buyer of his design is in the USA as Shapeways handles the financial transaction, fabrication and distribution. In a similar manner as word of the quality of Michiel’s designs spreads, he doe not need to invest in another batch of his iPhone case, have them sent from China to the Netherlands so that he can distribute them to retailers. His designs are produced on demand by Shapeways and sent directly to his clients while he receives a monthly passive income.

Have you made your designs available in your Shapeways shop?

Are your sales improving with the increase in sales we are seeing at Shapeways?

Take a look at the quality of images and descriptions used by both of these shop owners and consider how you can improve and promote your shop

Follow Shapeways on Twitter and be sure to tweet your success as Shapeways 3D prints an income for you.  


  1. Chris R

    Shapeways has been amazing for Paul. His creative mind finally has an outlet that gives him an income. I am a very proud mum !! :)
    Thank you Shapeways.

    1. Duann

      Awwwwwwwww, sweet, thanks Mum..

  2. Chris

    Just curious… isn’t replicating copyrighted material illegal?

    I’d like to know because I have tons of 3D stuff I’ve sculpted from video games I love… but it seems like if I tried to sell them… they’d come after me. If not… then I need to start uploading!!

    What’s the legal position here? Is something Shapeways is kind of ignoring until something happens? ;P

    1. Chris

      hmmm… so pretty much what I said. =(

      Well, here’s to hoping SOPA doesn’t happen!

    2. Michiel Cornelissen

      Congrats to anyone who is successful here, but I agree with Chris – always find it a bit strange when SW promotes these items that seem to be, uhm, borrowed from somewhere. What is the SW policy on this…?
      I know I wouldn’t like if someone, say, started selling T-shirts with my designs on it, or something – without offering me a percentage and a veto option from my side, at least.

      Unless all those things I’m seeing are perfectly legally licensed, and all that, in which case, please ignore this post.

    3. Duann

      Hey Michiel,

      As per the terms of service and content policy we cannot get involved in assessing whether an individual design violates copyright, or any other IP issues.

      If a copyright holder sends us a notice that there is an issue we will take content down as per our take down policy. It is then between the two parties to resolve. This is the law by which we abide.


      We cannot go over every file to check for possible violations of copyright, we also do not know the license under which Uncharted, MineCraft, Quake III, PacMan, SpaceBalls, Lord of the Rings, NyanCat, Anonymous, etc etc etc release their content.

      Take a look back at the white paper by Public Knowledge too.

      We of course LOVE innovation, we want to see love to see the amazing things you design, we want you to be able to make whatever you want.

      If anyone is creating something based on someone’s ideas, you should ask permission, attribute them, share the love.

  3. Nick Taylor

    Yea – last year I started making something approaching a living from rapid fab stuff – which Ponoko helped me start. If it carries on improving at this rate, some time in 2012 I’ll be able to give up my day job.

    1. Duann

      Fantastic, I remember your Golden Mean Calipers.
      Glad to hear sales are going well for you.

  4. Dario Scapitta Design

    SHAPEWAYS is amazing! And not just to make money. Last week a very hig jewelry shop in Maastricht contacted me because they wants make an exhibit with my collections! In this moment I am on the train to Maastricht to meet them, show them my collections and planing the exhibit! They found me just surfing on SHAPEWAYS website… And now I’m going there! So, not only money but also contact and public relations! Thank you SHAPEWAYS Team!

  5. Dario Scapitta Design

    @ Dizingof & Brad
    Thank you very much! ;) really!
    It was a great meeting! The exhibit is starting on 1th February until the end of April at the ETOILEMAASTRICHT Boutique – Atelier in Maastricht, placed on the fashion and historical center of the city! I’m really happy. Thank you again SHAPEWAYS, part of my happiness is for you!
    Dario ;)

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