A License To 3D Print Money for Designers

The Shapeways marketplace has been growing fast over the past few months with shop owners earning more profit then ever before. We love it when we see tweets by successful Shapeways shop owners such as Michiel Cornellisen and Paul Robinson as they hit milestones or experience an increase in sales.  

What is so exciting about this is that designers all around the world are earning money every day from their designs. It does not matter if Paul is in Australia and the buyer of his design is in the USA as Shapeways handles the financial transaction, fabrication and distribution. In a similar manner as word of the quality of Michiel’s designs spreads, he doe not need to invest in another batch of his iPhone case, have them sent from China to the Netherlands so that he can distribute them to retailers. His designs are produced on demand by Shapeways and sent directly to his clients while he receives a monthly passive income.

Have you made your designs available in your Shapeways shop?

Are your sales improving with the increase in sales we are seeing at Shapeways?

Take a look at the quality of images and descriptions used by both of these shop owners and consider how you can improve and promote your shop

Follow Shapeways on Twitter and be sure to tweet your success as Shapeways 3D prints an income for you.  

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