Black is the New Black

Good news, everyone!

Over the past month or so, Shapeways production team has been hard at work to improve and research dyeing options for the Strong & Flexible laser sintered nylon material. In particular, we’ve been focusing getting the black just right. Previously, we have gotten some feedback from the community that Black Strong & Flexible has a blue tint in it. Eek! Well, after some time in testing and iterating, I’m happy to announce the updated Black Strong & Flexible. Check out the difference:

Like all of our materials, we will continue to work and improve the quality. We are starting a new production process so if you have any feedback on the products you will start receiving in a few days, please let us know! The process will never be perfect, but its your feedback that will help us get closer and closer.

And for those of you out there who are already dreaming of other material options: yes, polishing this material is currently being tested as well. And yes, we are exploring a variety of different colors. Any request for specific color for the Strong & Flexible family? Any request for additional finishing options for the Strong & Flexible Family? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Happy creating!

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