THE Coolest Video of 3D Printing Marching Onwards Into the 4th Dimension Like an Unstoppable Cyborg

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This 3D printed zoetrobe is so so so cool, but you are going to have to continue reading to see the footage of it in action…

This is a simple zoetrope design:

I took a blender animation shared on and tried to get it printed for the drehkino. The figures are only 18mm tall, but its stunning to see them walking. The detail level and wall width is at the lower limit of WSF and I really appreciate the help of the shapeways team, that pointed me to problems in my first tries

AWESOME!!!! You can buy the 3D printed form from the drehkino Shapeways shop.

More info at


  1. daddymack

    coolest thing I’ve seen in a while… Respect!

  2. Maartje

    I miss the number: Daft Punk – Around The World :-)

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