Bring On The Replicator : MakerBot Just Got Twice as Good.

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MakerBot has just doubled it’s goodness with the release of the The Replicator which is bigger (therefore better) and has a Dual Extrusion option for double the hot plastic joy, making it possible to print in two colors at the same time, something none of the commercial FDM 3D printers can currently do.

The Replicator ships fully assembled for $1,749 for the single and $1,999 for the dual extrusion. The build envelope: 225x145x150 millimeters compared to the Thing-O-Matic that had a 120x120x120 build envelope. The most exciting thing will be once the dual extruder can print support material so it can easily print overhanging, interlocking articulated parts…

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  2. Drone

    This thing is waaay too expensive!

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