A Touching Story of A 3D Printed Christmas Gift for a 4 Year Old Daughter

Possibly one of the most touching stories of using 3D printing to create a unique, personal gift and we are not just talking a photo printed on a cup…

Shapeways community member Phelicia Ramlogan created a gift straight from a child’s imagination and 3D printed it in full color.  Kira wanted a submarine duck, mocked it up in ZBrush and Photoshop (yes she is 4 years old), her father cleaned up the 3D model a little then had it 3D printed by Shapeways.

You must read the story below from the parents perspective….. 


When a 4 year old understands that they can 3D model to design and 3D print exactly what they want, nothing is going to hold them back….

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  1. Luks

    “Please note that the materials we use for manufacturing the products make the products suitable for decorative purposes and they are not suited for any other purpose. The products are not suitable as toys to be given to children. The products should not come in contact with electricity or food & drinks and should be kept away from heat.”

    Disclaimer Fail.

  2. Shapeways Blog

    NY entrepreneur and tech guru Anil Dash wrote a much discussed post about his wishlist for the future of 3D printing, arguing that despite his enthusiasm, “I don’t think we’re on the path to widespread adoption and success for 3D printers yet.” Anil’s pos

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