Just when you thought Theo Jansen’s 3D Printed Strandbeest could not get any more creepy cool, Tim van Bentum and Bo Jansen have helped take the Strandbeest into the fourth dimension with a 3D Printed Wind Propulsion add on for the existing Strandbeests.

The 3D printed Strandbeests can now walk autonomously, powered by the wind, just like Theo’s full-scale Strandbeests. The new propellor add-on gives new and existing owners of these kinetic sculptures a new way to set them in motion!

The propeller addition is available as a separate kit, which can be mounted on the 3D printed Strandbeests. The propeller is compatible with the various evolutions of the Strandbeest, so existing owners of the “AGP” 5 and 7 model Strandbeests can use it as well. Consisting of 5 main parts, it can be mounted on the Strandbeest body in a few simple steps. 

The actual Strandbeest is sold separately.