New Material with a 66.6% introductory discount

Right in time for Halloween we are introducing a new material: Black Detail. To make this introduction extra special we are giving you a 66.6% discount on this material up and until the 19th of October.

This means that 1 cubic centimetre of this material now, for a short time, costs $ 0.97 cents, including shipping. That is certifiably, insanly low so go order something already! 3D printing has never ever been this cheap!

So we now have a dark material suited for nice art objects, dark characters and perhaps some scary Halloween models.

The material shares the same
characteristics as the White Detail and Transparent Detail materials
and looks different, from a full black to a light grey to a silver,
depending on which light you see it in. This material won our community poll to decide if we would introduce black or blue and we’d like to thank everyone that voted! 

You can compare Black Detail to our other materials here.

Image credit(for the pumpkin foto, I took the others), Janz Images, under Creative Commons Attribution.

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