Lead Time Changes

Hello all!

We have made some changes to the lead times for a few materials. As we learn more about production, we are able to produce some materials more quickly. Conversely, we are also learning about some potential problems and sometimes need to extend the lead time of materials to ensure we’re not making promises we can’t keep. With that, I’d like to present new lead times for a few of our materials.

- White Strong & Flexible Polished: 14 business days
- Milky White Glass: 14 business days
- Glossy White, Glossy Black Glass: 16 business days
- Frosted Detail & Frosted Ultra Detail: 15 business days 

That’s right! WSF Polished and Glass are getting lead times slashed by about a week! On the other hand, we continue to have issues with producing Frosted Detail and Ultra Detail. We are asking for an extra 5 business days to account for the risk of print failures and breakages. Although we have tried multiple fixes to improve the lead time, it seems that the problem is still persisting. There are some longer term solutions we are examining, but in the meantime, we believe it is better to communicate accurately than over-promise. Thanks for being patient with us as we grow, and hopefully lead times will continue to decrease on the whole in the future. 

These changes will go into place Thursday, Nov 24th.

Thanks all,


  1. Matt Holland-Martin

    That’s great guys. I for one definitely appreciate this approach, being straight-up about these things is always best, and I’m happy to plan ahead a little more if I know I’ll get what I order. Besides, you beat your ETA by a few days on my last order, so there’s really nothing to complain about! :)

  2. Wrench

    It’s a good start, but I have never had an FUD order come even close to on-time delivery. It’s very difficult to do business in FUD because it takes at least three months to bring something to market, and sometimes much longer if it takes more than one iteration of a design.

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