Minetoys: 3D Print Your Own Minecraft Character for Your Desktop

What better gift for the Minecraft addict than a full color 3D Print of their avatar.

Minetoys is an online service that uses Shapeways 3D printing to create a full color 3D model of a Minecraft avatar.

How does it work?  Your Minecraft skin is rendered in HD file (yeah, HD pixels !) and
applied to a 3D model, verified by a human being, and then sent to Shapeways for 3D Printing. You can also choose from over 600 Minecraft avatars from the Minetoys Shapeways Shop including Le Boblennon officiel !xXNuageZombieXxManamaxxx and many, many more.

MineToys is NOT related in any way to Minecraft, nor Mojang. Intellectual
property of Minecraft and related belongs to their respective owners. Minetoy uses the Shapeways API to upload, specify material, colors, model name, keywords and mark-up.  If you have developed some 3D software suitable for 3D Printing, take a look at the Shapeways API documentation and contact us with any queries or requests.

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  2. daniel demario

    omfg this is epic!x16000

  3. Joshua

    There is a picture there and the hat for that skin is popping out, will everyone do this? Or is it just something you did yourselves?

  4. Katie


    I really like your stuff. I am having such a hard time getting the Caucasian skin tone right on my models. My 3D printed figures never have the same color as what I see on my computer. I design using Blender. Any chance you could help share you Caucasian skin tone?

    Thank you so much,

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