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Printbot: 3D Printer Project on Kickstarter for Under $500

We have seen some incredibly successful 3D printing projects on Kickstarter in the past and a RepRap based 3D printer on IndieGoGo for $450, now the latest project to hit Kickstarter is Printbot: Your First 3D Printer that has already tripled it’s goal of $25,000 raising over $79k with 25 days to go.

A pledge of $499 or more will get you all of the parts needed to make your very own Printbot 3D printer. A pledge of $750 will get you a fully assembled and calibrated printer while a $999 pledge will get you a 3D printer customized by an award winning hotrod painter… Very cool.

Sure the print quality may not be up there with other commercial 3D printers, or even the Ultimaker or Makerbot but for under $500 you could get yourself a printer with a 5x5x5 inch (127x127x127mm) build bed.

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