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No 3D Skills Required: Create your own Ceramic Sake Set

For all you creatives out there who have yet to dive into the nebulous 3D design rabbit hole (i.e., most of the world!), Shapeways has an early holiday present for you! We launched a new Creator that lets you easily design cups, tumblers, vases, plates and other kitchen friendly creations.

We’re trying to make “making stuff” with Shapeways super simple: open up the Sake Set Creator, move some points around, save your design, and voila! Get it made in food-safe 3D printed ceramic. It’s not magic, but it sure feels like it. 



What’s so great about the Creator is that you can use the preset designs to make a Sake Set, or anything else you can imagine. We’re a bit addicted to caffeine so naturally opted for the espresso cup, but we’re excited to see where inspiration leads you. Make sure you share your creations with us! 

Curious about the more techy side of how we made this Creator? We’ll be sharing the design and code process in a tutorial to show how easy it is to not only make a product, but also an interactive product with Shapeways! We believe the future of stuff is about inviting participation in the design process, and we’re laying the groundwork to empower people of all backgrounds to make cool things. 


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