Traditionally made from bamboo, the Shakuhachi Flute has entered the digital age thanks to Shelia Munro and Shapeways 3D printing.  This version of the flute is an “F” Key, is around 9.5 inches long and is 3D printed in Antique Bronze Glossy.

It is so inspiring to see old world musical instruments being produced with the most advanced fabrication processes currently available, it will be interesting when we start to see musical instruments 3D printed that cannot be produced through any other means.

The detailing on this piece is really lovely, it must have taken hours to 3D model all of the components but what really makes it work is the beautiful, almost ‘handmade’ finish.  Not what one might expect to come out of a 3D printer. 

Check the video of the 3D printed Shakuhachi Flute in action, after the break.