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Dutch Design Week: The Debrief

After all the stimulus overload at DDW, we’re feeling a bit of a withdrawal here at Shapeways. We had an incredible time meeting thousands of community members, designers, artists, and of course, the steady stream of locals who are lucky to call Eindhoven their home.

It was incredibly energizing to see everyone’s excitement about personal manufacturing and 3D printing, from potters who were awestruck by the new and improved ceramics to the woman I met who was looking at a key necklace and was thrilled that she can now print a custom key for her rackety antique dresser. After seeing the creative wheels turn among 3D designers and non-techies alike, we’re looking forward to the designs inspired by the show.

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to drop by and join us! And of course, a GIANT thank you to the community members who spent a day or two with us, shared their work, and prevented us from completely losing our voices (shout out to Virtox, Bo Jansen & Tim van Bentum, Catharina van de Ven and DotSan, Tristan Bethe, Michael Schoner, and Gijs de Zwart).

We also saw some great innovations from other designers, including the Ultimaker “on the go” and the 3D printed chairs made from recycled refrigerators.

Until next time…

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