iRing3D: Design Jewelry on Your iPad to 3D Print with Shapeways

Custom jewelry design at your finger tips with iRing3D by Paracloud and Shapeways 3D Printing.

iRing3D is an app for iPad by Paracloud, allowing everyone to design and fabricate rings. You don’t need to have any 3D CAD skills to design your own ring. Simply sketch the ring design with your fingertip, control the size and shape, and upload directly to Shapeways to 3D print in your choice of materials.

Could this be the perfect way to propose? Here honey, design yourself a ring…… Ring arrives from Shapeways in sterling silver…. On one knee and live happily ever after.

An iPhone and Android version is soon to follow, the iPad version is currently available from the iTunes App store for $5.99 


  1. Anonymous

    Ohh… Dr. Eyal Nir you’ve taken it the wrong way – offer the App for FREE and have the models uploaded to a dedicated paracloud shop on shapeways where you can add a markup to each ring printed by customers…

    See the ShapeMe example on shapeways done by a 3rd party.

    my 2c.

  2. Kapil Kakde

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  3. Jeff

    i agree w/ numero uno. get the tool in as many hands as possible.

    but very cool project, we will become designers of tools and parameters.

  4. Amanda

    I can’t seem to find this app in AppStore… Help! Any ideas?

  5. William Lane

    How do I get iRing3D ?? Is it compatible with the iPad 1Generation?

  6. Elizabeth

    I am having trouble with the link to iring3d and I can’t find it on the itunes app store. I would love to download this app (and be happy to pay the $$$).
    Could you please send me a working link?

  7. John

    This is very interesting indeed. People come up with new ways to use your iPad every day. Thanks for sharing.

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