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Foul Play Football Trophies : Celebrating Bad Sportsmanship

Wong Wong enlisted the help of Shapeways community member and 3D Ninja Dotsan to realize the first in a series of trophies recognizing the best & worst of football. 

The Best Dive Trophy is to be awarded to the player who is judged to have executed the art of ‘The Dive’ and successfully deceives the referee. The Worst Tackle Trophy goes to the player that executes the dirtiest tackle against an opposing player.

Stephen Wong worked with Dotsan to 3D model his concepts which were 3D printed by Shapeways then chromed to complete the effect. Stephen is the former art director at Helmut Lang whose Wong Wong brand reflects a passion for design, fashion and football culture.

Like Dotsan’s collaboration with with Catharina van de Ven on Hybride Male, this project shows that a collaboration between an artist or designer with no 3D CAD skills and an experienced 3D modeler can enable the artist to produce unique works, while providing a revenue stream for the 3D modeler.  We also see the artist incorporate an industrial post production technique to take the 3D printed models into another dimension of materiality.

We look forward to seeing more interesting collaborations such as this.

Thanks to Dotsan for the info. 

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