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New Ceramics is Back with a Bang!

Hey all,

A few weeks ago, we announced the relaunch of ceramics. During the past few months, we’ve been working hard to take all the feedback learned during the initial ceramics trial and feedback it back into the process. First, our production partners have been working very hard and refining the glazing process. Glazing was one area where we received the most feedback on during the trial, so we made sure to get this right. Today, we received our first batch of prints and check out the quality difference from before and after the relaunch of ceramics. Check out the quality improvements:

Quality Before Quality Today

Second, I’m happy to announce that our production partners have found a new facility that can support more machines, and a growing team. This means orders can be produced quicker. Check out the happy new team below!

Keep up the good work, Team Ceramics!

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