And the winner of the 3D Printing at Home Design Competition is…..

Congratulations to Daniel Matarazzo who has won himself an Ultimaker and a 3D print of his Hashi: Chopstick Aid and Spoon Rest by Shapeways of his winning entry in the 3D Printing at Home Design Competition.

This chopstick aid helps beginners and pros alike. The flexible walls
provide tension to assist in picking up food. The aid doubles as a spoon
for soups and can be flipped over for a chopstick rest.

Second and third place go to Rainy Day By Mohammad Alaswadi and Breathable Roots By Kostika Spaho, each of which will be 3D printed by Shapeways


  1. Drone

    1. Go ahead… You try to eat a raw egg with chopsticks!

    2. You should not eat raw eggs in the first place!

    3. I don’t want to use a spoon that has been laying directly on a dirty table-top.

  2. Anonymous

    As an Asian designer, this is atrocious. We would never use something like this in Chinese homes or restaurants. These different types of “spring” mechanism for chopsticks in the market are a direct insult and embarrassment to the Asian culture! How about design a better method to learn using chopsticks instead of a fix for foreigners?

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