3D Printing Replacement Parts for Motorbike

Shapeways community member KTerra has created a replacement Mirror Bolt Cap for a Yamaha BT1100 using Shapeways 3D printing. Like the part created to repair the Bugaboo Stroller, this is a perfect use of 3D printing when ‘official’ replacement parts are astronomically high or simply no longer available. As you can see in this brief forum thread on SVrider.com and Stormtrooper.com, when a part like this goes missing you are often forced to purchase an entire assembly rather than just the part you need. 

If you have a replacement part you would like to share either for sale in your own Shapeways Shop or for free download, it is important to make sure you specify it is not an “official replacement part” but a “part that fits xxx”. You may also want to consider not using official logo’s or trademarks if you intend to sell the items.