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Dutch Design Week Commences with 3D Printspirations

Shapeways joined thousands of design enthusiasts experiencing stimulus overload yesterday and kicked off Dutch Design Week 2011, unveiling 3D printing awesomeness to the well-heeled masses.

Located in the Klokgebouw Building, Stand #53 (Klokgebouw 50, 5617 AB Eindhoven), it’s hard to miss us between our newly printed bright blue shirts and the incredible Hybrid Male sculptures by Catharina van de Ven and Dotsan that mark the entry with their sleek Ferrari black and bronze cast finishes.

Today we met hundreds of community members, Shapeways fans, and soon to be makers who were mesmerized (like we still are!) by the incredible designs created and printed by the community. We’ve brought an array of materials and products to DDW, including too-good-to-be-true ceramic cups and metal jewelry, such as the jaw-dropping designs of Nervous System.

We’ll be joined throughout the week by talented Shapeways community members: Virtox, Tristan of Shoe burger, Bo & Tim of Strandbeest fame, and the inspiring collaboration between Catharina and DotSan. Come early and often so you get a chance to meet them all!

We also hope to see you Wednesday night at our DDW Meetup.

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