Roland Introduces iModela iM-01 3D Hobby Mill

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Roland have released the iModela, a desktop 3D mill aimed at the consumer market.

 … the iModela is an inexpensive ($1000), easy-to-use (cough) desktop device that mills
wax, foam, balsa wood and plastic materials commonly used in craft and
hobby projects.

iModela also comes with iModela Creator design software to create and mill shapes, holes, textures and patterns along with free-hand drawing tools so users
can sketch out “more complex ideas“. With iModela Creator, users can
either download a file or create original 3D models and designs right on
a personal computer.

Roland iModela iM-01 Features:

Precisely mills 3D shapes, patterns and designs out of foam, wax, balsa wood and plastic

iModela Creator, Roland’s 3D
design software, is included, allowing users to accurately mill shapes,
holes, textures and patterns right out of the box

Affordable, easy-to-use platform for exploring creativity

Easy to setup and operate, with
just a power switch, simple LED display and external control panel for
adjusting computer settings

Compact, desktop device stores in a dedicated carrying case and travels easily

A specially designed spindle motor unit supports a variety of milling tools commonly available at model shops and do-it-yourself (DIY) retailers

iModela artists can share projects and learn from others around the world by joining the online community at

 The icreate site was down at the time of writing but it will be interesting to see how they run the site.


  1. Ed

    Hummm, interesting idea. So price points a $1000, really? DIY or kits for many CNC’s are available upto 12 x 12 for less with fewer materials restrictions as well.

    Will be nice to see some of the materials and samples produced. I’m sure we could find “other” resins and materials suitable…hehe…!

    I have some ideas where I could use this a some craft and hobby shows to produce molds for use with various other materials or metals that this small CNC could not directly handle itself.

    Even plastic parts can now be sprayed with conductive metallic paint and then electroformed easily. Print, spray and then plate.

    Still much to small for that price.


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