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Friday Finds: Another Week of 3D Printing Awesomeness from the Shapeways Community

Friday is the day we take a look at some of the latest 3D printing awesomeness to be shared in the It Arrived and Feature This sections of the Shapeways Forums. Be sure to share your models as they arrive to inspire the Shapeways community and staff.  We especially love seeing any post production techniques realized on your 3D prints.

Just in time for Halloween Kspaho (not his real name) has mass produced glowing spider earrings…. 

Michael Mueller (actual name) shared his Silver Crown Ring along with a tutorial to achieve similar effects with water, electricity and baking soda…

Ammnra’s Gold Plated Solid Steel Pendant based on Assassin’s Creed Apple of Eden gets some extra mystical power with a rubbing of black paint.

H0 1/87 scale old footbridge in wsf by FX gets the hand painted treatment.

As does B1lancer with his Stone Loader for Diorama.

Youknowwho4eva took some time from moderating the forums and his time at Maker Faire NYC to share a ring designed for a customer, set with stone.

Nervous System may not have post processed Laplacian Growth #2 but they did take some awesome photos.

rawkstar320 added a Designer’s Pebble to his desktop thereby reducing clutter and increasing awesomeness.. 

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