Australian company uses 3D printing for it’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The CyberQuad is an Australian made Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) designed by Cyber Technology in
Western Australia that uses 3D printing for the production of it’s parts, not just for prototyping. It is interesting that this is one of the first waves of waves of manufacturers using the ability to make extremely complex, lightweight parts in in extreme conditions from military applications, to investigate chemical spills/napping employees, or to just peer through your window.

So next time you get that feeling that you are being watched listen for the faintest of hums (65 dBa at 3 Meters), smile sweetly and get back to work as your every movement is captured at up to 60 frames per second and stills of up to 14MP and infrared, while the CyberQuad executes a fully autonomous circuit of your surroundings, thanks in part to 3D printing. 

via sUAS news